Take care of safety!

Please see the following rules:

  • If possible, please come to the appointment no more than 5 minutes in advance.
  • Each patient and accompanying person are required to have their own face mask or other generally acceptable form of face shield. Please keep a safe distance from other patients and clinic staff – min. 1 meter.
  • We have provided our patients with access to disinfection gel. Please, sanitize your hands before approaching the reception.
  • Each patient and accompanying person must undergo a temperature measurement, which will be recorded and kept in the clinic’s documentation. The measurement is performed by a receptionist using a non-contact thermometer. If the temperature exceeds 37.8 ˚C, the visit must be postponed.
  • For hygiene reasons, please bring your own pen.
  • Please leave your outerwear and unnecessary items in the waiting room or in the car.
  • During an epidemiological situation, we do not make newspapers, magazines and toys for children available at the reception.
  • Please book an appointment by phone before coming to the clinic.
  • Whenever possible, please pay by credit card. In an epidemiological situation, non-cash payments are much safer for patients and clinic staff.
  • If possible, please use the toilet in the house.
  • Please have your own water – the water dispenser is closed in an epidemiological situation.
  • Minors should show up with one guardian (one child – one parent).
  • If possible, patients who are over 18 years of age and do not require assistance or care from associates are asked to come to the appointments themselves. If there is a need to assist another person during the visit (interpreter, guardian of a disabled person), the accompanying person is obliged to follow the above recommendations.