There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our patients and staff. We would like to inform you that due to the increased use of personal protective equipment an additional administration fee of £7-15 depending on type of the service, will be applied to each appointment.

Stomatological examination
Consultation/development of treatment plan
Issuing a prescription
Local anaesthesia
Same Day EMERGENCY visit

We invite you to our clinic in Bury, where we comprehensively take care of your smile to make it even more beautiful and healthier. Please be reminded that dental check-up should be carried out at least once a year and regular examinations can allow to save our beautiful teeth, and often even save us unnecessary stress.

Scaling + sandblasting + polishing
Removal of tartar - sandblasting
Removal of plaque - scaling

Daily care is the key to having a healthy and beautiful smile. We invite you to our office where, beside basic treatments such as scaling, sandblasting and polishing, we will be more than happy to show you how to care of a healthy smile in your own home.

Temporary filling
Light-cured composite (small)
£100 – £150
Light-cured composite (big)
£150 – £200
Composite tooth reconstruction
Composite tooth reconstruction with standard metal insert
Tooth reconstruction with a fiberglass insert
Composite veneer

Caries is a bacterial infectious disease of the hard tissues of the tooth. Outbreaks should be treated as soon as possible so as to not allow the disease to develop. It is worth remembering that filling is usually enough for the treatment of small and shallow cavities, however, if the defect is deep, root canal treatment may be required, and in the case of large cavities, Inlay is the treatment method which we recommend and perform at our dental laboratory.

Tooth varnishing (1 arch)
Tooth sealing (for 1 tooth)
Milk tooth filling
Permanent tooth filling
£65 - £100
Milk tooth extraction

In children, we perform basic dental procedures such as varnishing and teeth sealing, temporary and permanent filling of milk teeth, and as a last resort, the extraction of a milk tooth. Please remember that it is worth coming to the office with the child before the onset of any dental issues, which will allow the child to adapt to the dentist’s office.

Retainer whitening kit (individual retainers + whitening gel) - price for 1 arch
Dead tooth whitening (for application)
Dead tooth filling after bleaching

Whitening treatments are becoming more and more popular. At MLB, we whiten dead teeth after root canal treatment. We also encourage you to whiten your teeth with the retainer method that anyone can do at home.

Front teeth (1-3)
Premolar teeth (4-5)
Molar teeth (6-8)
Composite tooth filling after root canal treatment
Tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment

Large and deep cavities may require root canal treatment, consisting in removing the affected dental pulp, followed by disinfection and filling of the tooth cavity and canals. For large cavities, we recommend composite tooth filling and restoration. Prices of root canal treatment do not include tooth reconstruction (e.g. filling, crown)

Front teeth (1-3)
Premolar teeth (4-5)
Molar teeth (6-8)
Composite tooth filling after root canal treatment
Tooth reconstruction after root canal treatment

Prices of root canal treatment do not include tooth reconstruction (e.g. filling, crown)

Tooth extraction - 1,2,3
Tooth extraction – premolar teeth
Tooth extraction – molar teeth
Tooth extraction – 4 roots
Wisdom tooth extraction - simple extraction
Tooth removal with root separation
Periodontal pocket rinse (per one visit)
Treatment of gum changes (for 1 visit)
Suture removal
Incision in abscess with restoration of root canals

Our doctors always strive to preserve the teeth of their patients to the very end, unfortunately often times it is too late for other methods of treatment and they are forced to the last resort, which is tooth extraction. Procedures are carried out under local anaesthesia, and highly qualified dentists make the utmost effort to perform them as soon as possible, pain free and with maximum comfort. After the extraction, it may be necessary to rinse the pocket and remove the seams a few days after the procedure.

Prosthetic consultation (with treatment plan and cost estimate)
Acrylic denture - 1 arch
Acrylic denture - 2 arches
Skeletal denture
Elastic denture - flexi - 1 arch
Elastic denture - flexi - 2 arches
Individual tinting for full dentures
Denture relining
Denture repair in lab (no guarantee)

Our prosthetics make acrylic, skeletal, and elastic dentures

Acrylic dentures are removable dentures, which usually replace the entire filling,

Skeletal dentures are used in the case of partial tooth loss; they consist of metal elements covered with acrylic, and are attached to the teeth remaining in the mouth, thanks to which pressure is transferred to the remaining teeth.

Elastic dentures flexi: Made of light, highly thermoplastic materials that provide greater comfort of use than acrylic dentures, making dentures highly resistant to damage.

Porcelain crown
Zirconia crown
Emax porcelain crown
Temporary crown until permanent crown
Crown cementation (made outside MLB)
£90 – £120
Post and core crown developed in lab
Porcelain veneer
Temporary veneer before solid veneer
Porcelain bridge (for 1 point)
Zirconia bridge (for 1 point)
Temporary bridge before permanent bridge (for 1 point)
Bridge cementation (made outside MLB)
Bridge removal (made outside MLB)
Incision of bridge made following extraction
Relaxation rail
Surcharge for express works, ready within 24 hours

We also make: crowns, veneers, bridges:
– permanent crowns prosthetic restoration aimed at restoring a significant tooth defect,
– veneers used mainly for aesthetic purposes; veneers are thin plates usually made of ceramics, composite or porcelain facing the front surfaces of the teeth,
-bridges, denture to fill the gap or gaps in the dental arch.